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  • Residential Park Home Insurance

    Park Home Insurance - residents association members get an extra discount

  • Park Home Insurance

    Park Home Insurance - residents association members get an extra discount

Can we help your residents association?

With Parkwise every member of a residents association has access to a significant discount on their home insurance but we want to do more. We recognise that park home living comes with major benefits and also potential difficulties. The current legal situation gives site owners power over individual home owners with their ability to set rules, ground rent increases and even the buying and selling of the whole park without reference to the home owners. This is unbalanced and puts individual home owners, potentially, in a relatively weak position. That's where membership of a qualifying residents association comes in.

Being a member of a residents association provides you with a stronger voice when dealing with park owners than you would have on your own. It also provides you with an organisation that can campaign to improve the legal situation for park home owners with local and national government. By sharing information within and between resident associations you can be in a stronger position when dealing with a difficult park or site owner.

Government Webpages for Residents Associations

How can we help?

We are happy to receive requests for financial contributions and material help towards communicating within your residents association or the costs of establishing a new qualifying residents association. The kinds of things we can do is help you to produce a newsletter or website. We can also help with the costs of holding your annual general meeting. We are not talking about massive amounts of money but hope that our contribution can help you to run an effective resident association for the benefit of all park home owners on your park.


We can provide design and printing of your newsletter to a professional standard free of charge. We would expect to be able to advertise our services within the newsletter.

Meetings Costs

We are happy to discuss a contribution to the cost of your annual meeting.


We have considerable experience of producing community websites using a backend CMS that allows all members of your committee to contribute to updating, maintaining and adding content to the site. We can help with establishment of the site and hosting it.

We would expect to cover the costs of our in house development of your site together with the costs of hosting it, training nominated members in using the system and ensuring that data is backed up to protect your site. In exchange we would ask that we feature in an agreed way as the sponsor of the site and have the opportunity to communicate with your members to make them aware of the benefits of our insurance service. We have limited resources for website development and will therefore initially limit the number of associations that we can offer this to. If we do establish a site with you however we will undertake to provide free hosting for the site for at least five years.

Group email

We can help you to set up a group email system, for your members, using a service such as If you have more than 50 members then we will be happy to pay the annual Emaildodo fee

Why are we doing this?

This program is one of educated self interest. We need to have a way to tell park home owners about the benefits of our park home insurance policy. Helping you with your communication tools helps us to communicate at the same time. This is low key and not at all pushy. We know that it is important that we maintain goodwill because we want to continue to be involved with your association for years to come.

If you are interested in anything that we are offering or just want a general chat about park home residents associations please, in the first instance

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