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  • Residential Park Home Insurance

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  • Park Home Insurance

    Park Home Insurance - residents association members get an extra discount

Parkwise Park Home Insurance Terms of Use

Parkwise is a trading identity of Caravanwise Limited which is a specialist insurance intermediary.

Your use of this web site is subject to your acceptance of these Terms of Use, if you do not accept these terms please cease your use of the site.

You should also read our Privacy Policy which forms part of these terms of use.Caravanwise Limited reserves the right to amend these terms of use and disclaimer at any time without prior warning. You should therefore check them before each time that you visit the Web Site.

The information on this web site are provided for the use of UK park home owners. The insurance products described are only available to UK residential park homes and are subject to the acceptance criteria, underwriting terms and policy wording.

Caravanwise Limited does not seek to disclaim its responsibilities for matters which cannot be excluded in English Law or under the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority, (FCA). You must accept that your use of the web site is solely governed by the laws of England & Wales. The courts of England & Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising from or in connection with the use or inability to use this web site and any information contained within it.

In the UK all insurance providers and arrangers must provide prospective policy holders with a disclosure document or terms of business which sets out details of how they will provide you with an insurance service, they must also provide you with a "Key Facts" document which provides you with details of the insurance policy that you are buying before or immediately after you buy the insurance. In the case of Parkwise (Caravanwise Limited) we provide you with the documents that you require on our web site and also send you printed copies when you request a written quote or take up insurance. Insurance is a contract in which you have responsibilities as well as the underwriting insurance company providing the cover. You should ensure that you are able to keep to your responsibilities and that you are satisfied with the cover that the insurer is offering in its policy wording. Only then can you have real peace of mind provided by having the insurance cover you have chosen.

Caravanwise Limited arranges insurance policies for touring caravans, static caravans, folding campers (trailer tents), park homes and camper vans (motorhomes). In each case we have just one policy available. We will tell you the main details of cover and any significant exclusions and leave the final decision to yourself. Our service, therefore, does not provide advice on the choice of policy. In other words it is a non-advised sale. You should also be aware that since we only offer one policy underwritten by one insurer for park home insurance that we act for that insurer.

You must read our Initial Disclosure Document for details of our insurance service

Target Audience

This web site is targeted solely at UK adult residents who are owners of a park home, requiring insurance. The Parkwise insurance products may have specific age and residency requirements and cover is subject to the confirmation of facts set out in a statement of facts document which sets out the answers you have given to the questions asked. The underwriter reserves the right to reject any application. The contract of insurance will be based on the answers that you have provided as set out on your statement of facts.

We are now able to arrange insurance in Northern Ireland

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